The Captains Collective is an interview podcast dedicated to learning from captains and other leaders in the fishing industry.

Some guests are relatively new to guiding, like retired Marine John Swanson. Others have been around since the 1960s and spent 30+ years in the industry like the legendary Nat Ragland. Others have been involved in different aspects of television and entertainment like Bou Bosso, Tom Rowland, and Rob Fordyce. Every person is unique and has something to offer.

New podcasts are posted every two weeks. If there is someone that you would be interested in having on the podcast please let us know by filling out our form.

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Before I started Captains Collective I was a fan of Skinny Water Culture. Eventually I got the chance to meet Vince Stegura and Chase Hancock and after getting to know the team behind the brand I knew that they were a company I wanted to work with. They are fun, friendly and create some incredible gear. Check them out my podcast with Chase and you will quickly see why I wanted to work with them.
The first time I ever used a fly rod I was a kid in a stream using my father’s Orvis rod to launch bugs straight into tree branches. What began as a childhood frustration has become a love. I have always respected Orvis’ commitment to conservation and education. As a father of two daughters, one who LOVES to fish, I am also grateful for Orvis’ 50/50 on the Water initiative and hope that the future of fishing has more diversity. You can listen to my interview with Tom Rosenbauer of Orvis here

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