097 Blue Gabe: YouTube, Hard Work, and Dealing with Negativity

In this podcast, we sit down with Gabriel “Blue Gabe” Arrington and discuss how he went from dropping out of high school to running a successful Outdoor YouTube channel. Gabriel also shares about the importance of hard work and how he deals with negativity. We also dive into some great tips for learning new skills and catching soft shell turtles.

LIVE with Greg Peterson and Adam Fernandez

In this podcast, we sit down with Greg Peterson and Adam Fernandez for a live recording at Tailwater Outfitters. In this episode, Greg shares how he went from chasing Steelhead in his mom’s minivan to running a successful guide service in the bay area. We also discuss how to help people connect with nature and move from spectators to advocates. This podcast was recorded as a part of the Tampa Bay Waterkeeper Tournament. To learn more, head to tampabaywaterkeeper.org.

#096 Josh Crumpton: On Ramps & Learning Curves

In this podcast, we sit down with Josh Crumpton of Spoke Hollow Outdoors and former guest Drew Chicone. In this episode we discuss how we can all better handle learning curves when it comes to the outdoors and ways in which we can create more “on ramps” for others for getting connected to nature. This episode also feature a special musical performance from Tanner Usrey.

LIVE with Paul Puckett and Owen Plair

In this podcast, we sit down to chat with Paul Puckett about how art has shaped the way he views the outdoors. Paul also shares about how he has learned to embrace mistakes, and why “perfection is boring.” We are also joined by Owen Plair of Rivers and Glen to discuss all things Charleston. This podcast also features some of Paul’s original songs.

093 Johnnie Candle: Walleye World Championships and Learning New Waters

In this podcast, we sit down with Johnnie Candle and discuss all things Walleye fishing. In this episode, Johnnie shares some stories and lessons he has learned from over 30+ years of professional angling, including some helpful insight into utilizing maps and learning new waters. This episode also includes a special musical performance by Florida Folk Artist Leon Majcen.

#092 Piper Johansen: Grade School and Grand Slams

In this podcast, with sit down with Piper & PJ Johansen for a special Captains Collective Kids Interview. Piper has an impressive list of fishing accomplishments for a young lady who has not yet hit her teens! And she is just getting started. In this podcast, we discuss how Piper fell in love with fishing, her inspirations as a kid, and how her dad has helped encourage her love for the outdoors.

Holiday Gift Guide

THE unofficial, semi-certified, number one and only source for your outdoor gifts. Marty Gallipeau of Badfish Supply and I teamed up to have some fun and put this list together. This is not about marketing. These are all products that we actually love, use, or desire. To learn more about these great products, make sure to listen to our podcast.

#089 Mike Burkee: Surviving Hurricane Ian

In this episode, we sit down with Ft Myers resident, Mike Burkee, and discuss his experience living through some of the worst of Hurricane Ian. To get involved in relief efforts, head to captainsforcleanwater.org. To give directly to Mike head here. To learn more about this podcast, head to captainscollective.com

#088 Owen Gayler: Cowboys & Captains

In this podcast, we sit down with Owen Gayler of Port O Conner Texas, and discuss his transition from cowboying to guiding. We also discuss his approach to chasing redfish in quiet places, and how to honor older guides wherever you fish. Special thanks to our friends at Borracho Pescador for putting on an incredible tournament to raise support and awareness for Rett Syndrome. Also, special thanks to Paul Puckett for laying some tasty guitar jams for this podcast.

#087 Richard Schmidt: The Pelican Chandeleur

In this podcast, we sit down with Richard Schmidt of the Pelican Chandeleur and talk about his operation located on a remote chain of islands on the easternmost point of Louisiana. In this episode, Richard shares about his journey to owning the Pelican and what he has learned along the way.

#086 Mac Elliot: Photos, Faith, and Looking Ahead

In this podcast, we sit down with Mac Elliot and discuss her work as a fishing focused photographer. Mac shares about how she got started in outdoor media, how her faith has shaped her work, and shares some tips and stories she has picked up along the way. See her work here.

#085 Mark Kenyon: Fighting Busyness, Finding Mentors, and Becoming a Lifelong Learner

In this podcast, we sit down with Mark Kenyon of Wired to Hunt and MeatEater and discuss his lifelong love of fishing. We also discuss the importance of fighting busyness, finding mentors, and how we can become lifelong learners by simply staying curious.