#076 Aaron Adams: Science, Observation, and the Freedom to Figure Things Out

In this episode, we sit down with Aaron Adams, Director of Science and Conservation at the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust. We discuss the importance of Aaron’s freedom to explore fisheries as a child in Maryland and Virginia, how we can be more observant when fishing, and the importance of habitat for fish populations. Also check out April Vokey’s Podcast with Aaron to hear him dive into more questions about Tarpon and Bonefish.

#087 Richard Schmidt: The Pelican Chandeleur Captains Collective Fishing Podcast

In this podcast, we sit down with Richard Schmidt of the Pelican Chandeleur and talk about his operation located on a remote chain of islands on the easternmost point of Louisiana. In this episode, Richard shares about his journey to owning the Pelican and what he has learned along the way. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
  1. #087 Richard Schmidt: The Pelican Chandeleur
  2. #086 Mac Elliot: Photos, Faith, and Looking Ahead
  3. #085 Mark Kenyon: Fighting Busyness, Finding Mentors, and Becoming a Lifelong Learner
  4. #084 Virginia Salvador: King Salmon, White Sturgeon, and West Coast Culture
  5. #083 Nick Labadie: Jet Ski Tours, Targeting Fish, and Putting Your Ego Aside
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