#020 Cleve Evans: Resilience, Recovery, and Rebuilding from Hurricane Michael

In this episode, we sit down with Captain Cleve Evans of Forgotten Coast on the Fly and talk about his experience with Hurricane Michael which completely destroyed his home and city. During this podcast, we talk about resilience, recovery efforts, the need for rebuilding, and of course…fishing. We also got a chance to discuss how Guide Beer played a critical role in helping Cleve get back on his feet after the storm.

Captain Cleve Evans walks us through his home which was completely flooded during Hurricane Michael. The foundation has completely shifted, and broken into segment, and the water line reached over 6+ feet.
Max wind gust reached over 160 mph during the hurricane and destroyed most of the city.
Not all hope was lost following the storm. Cleve quickly got back into guiding and worked to get his clients on Louisiana Redfish and Panhandle Tarpon.
Yes…this is the place where Hunter had the Shrimp & Grits with corn. Shipwreck Raw Bar is one of the few places back up and running after the storm.
We recorded the podcast in Cleve’s old living room. They are currently staying in a motor home on the lot as the work to fight the insurance company.
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