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THE unofficial, semi-certified, number one and only source for your outdoor gifts. Marty Gallipeau of Badfish Supply and I teamed up to have some fun and put this list together. This is not about marketing. These are all products that we actually love, use, or desire. To learn more about these great products, make sure to listen to our podcast.

Remember that gifts are fun and great gear is important but there is a lot more to fishing and the outdoors than “stuff.” If you haven’t yet, I recommend you listen to my interview with JT Vanzant where we discuss keeping it simple and enjoying the journey. It will help you combat consumerism this holiday season.

***Also make sure to check out last year’s gift guide to see more ideas and great products***

2023 Holiday Outdoor Gift Guide Captains Collective Fishing Podcast

THE unofficial, semi-certified, number one and only source for your outdoor gifts. See the full list and blogpost HERE. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Level One: Stocking Stuffers

Xikar Cigar Travel Humidor

Last year Captain Royce Dahnke introduced me to this product. It is waterproof, airtight, crush proof, holds up to five cigars, and is well sized to throw in packs. This is a great gift for any cigar lover who spends time on the water.

Fishpond Pipod Microtrash Container

This is a great way to keep your pockets clean, and is the perfect solution for leader materials, straw wrappers, and other small bits of trash. This small container can fit in a cup holder or be easily attached to your waders on the stream.

Sightline Provisions Flask

Sightline Provisions is well know for their handcrafted bracelets, but they also produce a line of drink-ware that is worth a look. Slip one of these Whiskey Leatherworks collaborative flask in the stocking of a loved one. Maybe go the extra mile by filling it with something strong…during the holidays they may need it.

Amabile Co. Bracelet

This is a cool, new company who is gives back to various organizations that focus on the quality and health or our waters. Support a small business, help protect our fisheries, and check out their line of bracelets.

Caramelo Tortillas

This might be the most surprising gift that you can slip into a stocking…in the best kind of ways. These are LIFE CHANGING tortillas that can be mailed and enjoyed fresh. Go big, and make Christmas tastier than ever.

PS. Get the Pork Fat Tortillas.

Badfish “Fishmas” Stocking

Forget cheap candy that can be purchased as any gas station at any time…get your loved ones this curated stocking preloaded with lures and fishing gear that they will love. Santa just got a whole more salty. Go above and beyond and purchase a monthly subscription to Badfish to keep the gifts rolling.

Anson Mills Grits and Grains

Quality matters and it does not get better than Anson Mills. Grab some various grits and grains for any foodie friend or family member. These heirloom grains are not just top-notch, but also affordable. Spend some time on their site stocking up and taking your “grain game” to the next level.

Costco Lens Cleaning Kit

Costco is the land of opportunity where you can easily “show up for carrots and leave with a kayak.” Buried within the jungle of bulk goods and random products is a real gem. This “Eyeglass Care Kit” comes with a never ending supply of lens cleaner and two spray bottles so you can keep one in your boat bag. We think it is implied but this only works for Costco members…if your friend is not a member, than get better friends.

Cody Richardson Creations Ornament

Artist Cody Richardson is doing some amazing things with old license plates. This holiday season Cody has created a series of ornaments with his unique style. These are a great gifts for any angler. Also check out his larger works or consider ordering something custom by contacting him here. His work will be featured in the coming Captains Collective mobile studio. Stay tuned.

Mangrove Products Portable Trash Can

Buckets can sometimes be a bit bulky, and let’s face it, trash laying around in the boat looks a bit…trashy. I recently stumbled upon this product and thought it was a cool solution. It packs down when you don’t need it, and can easily be stored.

Book: The Whole Fish by Josh Niland

Be less wasteful, learn new recipes, and become a better cook. This is a really well done book by Josh Niland that will change the way you think about seafood. Not much of a reader? Check out his Master Class with Anchored Outdoors here.

Hardcore Carnivore Black Seasoning

This seasoning has been a game changer for Marty and I. This is basically a charcoal cheat code that is amazing on beef, but can also be applied to chicken and other meats. This is by far one of the best things to happen to my grilling last year.

Traeger BBQ Tray

Sometimes it is the little things that make the difference, and sometimes those little things make your grill prep a lot cleaner and save your marriage some time in counseling. These trays help keep things clean, are easy to wash and store, and inspire a little Traeger greatness. If you don’t have a Traeger yet it is time you make your move. Don’t wait for Santa.

Hand Tied Flies

This might be one of the best things you can throw in a stocking (maybe in a box). Grab a dozen or so flies from some of the best. Check out Sandbar Flies and Salty Fly Tying.


Skinny Water Culture Youth Gear

Skinny Water Culture has been my favorite clothing brands since before this podcast began. They have recently launched a kids/youth line of their shirts and they are amazing. There will be plenty of SWC under my family’s tree.

Postfly Fly Tying Kits

Help kids spend less time staring at screens and help prepare them for a lifelong love of the water. These kits give you everything you need, including instruction. Also check out Postfly’s monthly subscription options.

Mystery Tackle Box’s Fishmas Advent Calendar

Ditch the old school world’s worst chocolate calendar and fill the days leading into Christmas with something that is actually useful…more tackle. This is the perfect gift for a kid who loves the water. Works best BEFORE Christmas.

Stickers, Stickers, & More Stickers

Level Two: Friends and Family

YETI Slick Horns

I recently got turned on to this and it is beyond addictive. It is great for when you are hanging, having drinks, and killing time. This slides on the side of your cooler and is easier to get the hang of than you might think.

Boat Cleaning Kit

We all know the guy/gal that just can’t seem to keep a clean boat. Help them get a head start in 2022 and hook them up with a Boat Cleaning Kit Featuring some of the best.

Tie Craft Fly Tying Desk

Maybe we should have put this in the Sugar Daddy category. Either way, these are really amazing fly tying desk/stations and a great gift for any enthusiast. Check out some of their builds on Instagram.

Frigate Reserve Rum

Who doesn’t enjoy the gift of good rum? Frigate has 8, 12, 15, and 21 year bottles and is quickly becoming a favorite with my friends and family.

ROA Handmade Leatherwork

A friend of mine showed me this amazing work recently. A custom plier sheath or holster is something that your friend or family member can cherish for a long time to come. Check out Cory’s work on Instagram here.

YETI Rambler 1/2 Gallon Jug

I have used this a lot more than I thought I would. It is a great size for throwing on the skiff and having all the water I need for the day. I hear you can make some pretty good mixed drinks in these too. WARNING: Do not let kid handle near side of the boat!

Costa Sunrise Silver Lens

These are a game changing addition. These glasses help see in lowlight conditions, and are a favorite of recent podcast guest, Brandon Cyr. Also check out Costa’s new Untagled Collection and learn about how Costa is helping to keep our waters clean.

Toddy Cold Brew System

I have been using this for the past 4-5 years and love it. This is a really easy, ergonomic way to have cold brew on the boat. Make sure to cut this with water or you might have a hard time falling asleep at night.

Art: Ian Deveau

We wanted to include a few artists in our guides. Ian has some amazing art, and as Marty mentions, he can help select the art that is going to best compliment your space.

Art: Peter James Glenn

Check out this amazing art by Peter James Glenn and add to you loved one’s collection. There is a great variety.

Island Creek Oyster Tray

More food stuff? What can we say? We love to eat. These trays are a great way to prepare one of our favorite treats. Make grilled oysters a more regular rhythm in your buddy’s life and grab him one of these trays.

Level Three: Sugar Daddy

J & K Custom Duck Call

Last year my father got me what might be my favorite gift to date. He got a small company, J & K Duck Calls, to repurpose some wood from my crib as a child. With that wood him and I each got a matching call. Consider something similar with someone close. I will cherish that call for life. Contact or call (731)693-8824.

Orvis H3 Blackouts

These rods are taking Orvis’ iconic H3 rods to a new level by specializing the specs to meet specific needs. Learn about the new lineup here. Also check out Orvis’ Rod Vault to protect the rods we love.

Florida Fishing Products Osprey Carbon Edition

Florida Fishing products is a reel company that is trying to make a real difference by investing back into our fisheries. Learn more about them, and learn about their holiday specials, by heading to their website here.

YETI Crossroads 40 L Duffel Bag

With everything we have come to expect with Yeti, their luggage is top notch. I have been using this 40L Duffel Bag on my recent trips and have been really impressed. This is a great gift for someone who is always on the go.

Heart Wood Forge Custom Knife

This is as nice a knife as money can buy. Heart Wood Forge makes top-of-the-line custom knives that will be cherished for generations. This is what it looks like to really go all out. Warning: there is currently a three year waiting list.

Tecovas Top Quality Boots

This has not been confirmed but we are pretty sure that Tecovas is the official boot of Santa Clause. These hand made boots offer a large range of styles and are built with durability in mind.

Commemorate a Special Moment from the Woods or Water

One of the best things that you can do is celebrate a special moment from the woods or water. Check out King Sail Mounts or a local taxidermist near you. You can also do this by purchasing a piece of art to remember the catch of a life. Check out Cody Richardson Art or Sight Line Provisions for ideas. This is something that can be cherished for many years to come

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