#061 Royce Dahnke: Shallow Flats, Blue Water, and Hunting Crossovers

In this podcast, we sit down with Royce Dahnke of Cast’n Blast Charters which runs both inshore and offshore charters in Destin Florida. In this episode, Royce shares with me stories of his childhood, growing up and learning from his father who guided for nearly 50 years, and how Royce found his own love for fishing while sneaking into the school library to read books about fishing and the water. We also discussed his latest venture in offshore fishing. the similarities he has picked up on between deep sea and flats fishing, and the carryover he has experienced from also being an avid hunter. 

#065 Travis Huckeba: Hard Work, Slow Living, and Rural Fisheries Captains Collective Fishing Podcast

In this podcast, we sit down with Travis Huckeba of Saltwater Solutions and discuss his roots in the Florida Panhandle, the ropes of rural fisheries, and the importance of hard work. Travis also shares with us the need for respect between guides and recreational anglers, and how he has combated burn out over the years. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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  4. #063 Jonathan Moss: Teaching, Television, and Taking Leaps of Faith
  5. #062 Ty Hibbs: Louisiana Jacks, Cajun Crawfish, and Learning from Others
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