#056 Kyle Schaefer: Cold Showers, New England Stripers, and Adapting to Different Environments

In this podcast, we sit down with Kyle Schaefer and discuss how he got into guiding and his experiences working in Colorado, the Bahama’s and New England. We also discuss his effort to become carbon neutral, tips on site-fishing striped bass, and why one summer he had to take cold showers.

Post Photo Credit: Dylan Schmitz

#070 Court Douthit: Get A Round Tuit Captains Collective Fishing Podcast

In this podcast, we sit down with Court Douthit of the Saltwater Specialist located in Tampa Bay. In this episode, Court shares the correlations between hiking and flats fishing, how he worked through a tough season of life while spending 11 months camping in the Florida Everglades, and his philosophy on enjoying life and sharing it with others. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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